Ubuntu on Virtual Box 

I have been trying various versions of linux on Virtual Box. The one that comes out on top is….

You’ve guessed it – Ubuntu!

If you are thinking of trying Ubuntu on Virtual Box, remember you have to get the “Server” version of Ubuntu. This is currently version 10.01.

The Server version does not include Ubuntu Desktop. You have to install it manually from the Konsole, by typing “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop”

After that has installed, you have to type “reboot” to get things going.

You can attach printers, memory sticks etc., by using the “Devices” menu on Virtual Box. The device has to be “attached” before you start Ubuntu. You can save to the memory stick if you see it on the Ubuntu Desktop. You have to release the device, using the “Devices” menu, before Windows can access the device. Once you release the device from the emulated environment, you can’t get it back, unless you re-start.