Ubuntu 10.10 on Power PC Macintosh 

If you have got an old Power PC Macintosh gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe, did you know you can install Ubuntu Linux on it?

To install Ubuntu 10.10 on a Power PC Macintosh such as an iMac, you have to download and iso of a bootable disk image and make it into a real disk on your Windows PC.


For beige Macs:


You have to use a DVD-R dvd a and not a DVD+R. The iMac spits out DVD+R’s.

You have to boot your iMac by holding down the “C” key with the boot disk in the drive.

If your  iMac can boot  the Ubuntu live CD, Gparted (Gnome Partition Manager) is in System -> Administration… and it’s pretty straightforward to use.

You have to use Gparted to create a Linux partition, and then click on “Install Ubuntu 10.10 to install Ubuntu to the partition you just created.

First of all however, we have to boot up that “Live CD”

If the Ubuntu 10.10 disk you made does not work, for example, you get a black screen, or graphical environment which is extremely slow, you have to try the “alternate” install disk, which is here:

For iMacs, powerbooks etc: