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Connect to Macintosh from Ubuntu

Did you know that if you have Ubuntu on your Windows computer that you can enable file sharing to your Macintosh?

The procedure is:

On the Mac:

Go to System Preferences > Network.

In the Network pane, under “Network Status” make a note of the IP address which consists of four numbers separated by dots  e.g. “”

On the Linux machine:

From the file manager choose “Go” from the menu bar and select “Open Location” (at the bottom) enter the IP address of your macintosh computer above. If the IP address is, and your user account on the Mac is “wilkiecat” then it would be:



If this does not work via a router, or by wireless, connect the two machines directly with an RJ45 Ethernet lead, and see if that works.  If your Linux installation does not have Samba file sharing installed by default, you need to use the Synaptic Package Manager to install it. Type “samba” in the Synaptic search box. Once file sharing has been set up correctly, it will then work via the router or by wireless.

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Graphtec Craft Robo CC330-20 with Ubuntu

Using the Craft Robo from Ubuntu 10.10.


Instructions on how to install GraphtecPrint for the Craft Robo are given here:

Having installed Graphtecprint as per these instructions, you need to install Inkscape.

If you are on KDE, you can use the “Adept” installer program to do this.

If you have not got Adept on your System, you can use Synaptic to get it. Does only work for Kubuntu.

I have so far managed to make the craft robo cut out a square.

The procedure is

Start Inkscape,  draw a square, go to Print, select Postscript for output, and click on print.

This creates a file called in your documents folder.

Start a Konsole (BASH) and CD to the documents folder.


$ cd Documents

$ graphtecprint <

This will start the Graphtecprint program, and cut the square.