Install Amiga Emulator (Amibian) on Raspberry Pi

Steps required  ( Raspberry Pi 3 needed, if you have an older Pi Model, try RetroPie)

  1. Download compressed disk image and extract it. (Install the 7zip program on your Windows PC if you have not already done so).
  2. Write this disk image to an SD card.
  3. Boot this SD card on the R-Pi, and expand the file system.
  4. Return the SD card to your Linux PC and use the file manager to copy Amiga Kickstart ROM files and floppy disk files to the SD card. (The website suggests you use Midnight Commander to do this, but that’s harder).
  5. Boot the R-Pi and choose option 6 from the menu – settings. Enter your WiFi SSID and password.
  6. With the R-Pi now online, you can update the system.
  7. The command ‘raspc’ has he effect of ‘sudo raspi-config’

Software Tools Required:

A Windows Computer, A Linux Computer (or a dual boot) SD formatter. Disk Image Writer.

It is much easier to prepare the SD card on Windows.

If you are running Linux, you can just drag the Amiga Kickstarts and ADF files to the SD card.

I use OS Elementary Luna for this purpose. You need to run your file manager as root in order to be able to access the Raspberry Pi’s SD card when  it is in your Windows machine.

Add ‘Open as Administrator’ to Pantheon in Elementary OS Luna

Tips: if your R-Pi does not have Wifi, you can connect it to your laptop which does using an RJ45 Ethernet Interconnecting lead .Linux: From the Network menu, go down to ‘Edit Connections’ add a connection and choose ‘share connection’. Windows: enable Internet Connection Sharing as directed by the Windows Help system or Google it.  Note if you enable ICS on Windows, you must turn it off to allow file sharing.

The Amiga Kickstart ROMs are still covered by Copyright which is why they are not included in the Amibian distro.  If you own a real Amiga, you can make your own copy of the Kickstart ROM, however this is a waste of time since all the Kickstarts are available online. Downloading the Kickstart only infringes the copyright if you don’t own a real Amiga.

If you don’t own an Amiga, you can purchase an ‘Amiga Forever CD’ from Cloanto which includes the Kickstarts. This package is of more use to those who do not have a real Amiga.

The ‘Armiga’ will allow you to transfer real disks to an emulator without a real Amiga. It has a built-in Amiga compatible floppy drive, but it can only make disk images of standard diskettes which excludes many games which have copy protection.