Raspian for i386 and Mac 

Raspberry Pi org has made an experimental version* of Debian+PIXEL for Windows PC and Mac.

The drawback is you can only boot it from a USB stick or a DVD. If you boot it from DVD, you can’t save anything except files to another device. If you boot it from USB stick, it automatically creates a persistent partition on the USB stick so data will be saved on the boot volume. Download is 1.3 gig, be warned if you are not on broadband unlimited.

Pixel for 386

Tip: the following command will set the correct date and time for your region

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

*experimental version means “does not operate reliably”. Your laptop may shutdown without warning.

Tip: Pixel can be installed on the original Raspberry Pi, if you happen to have one. The Raspberry Pi 3 is  better, but is an additional expense requiring a more powerful power supply.

Tip: If you install OS Elementary on your laptop, you can operate the original Raspberry Pi through VNC and SSH.

Caveat: If you do a sudo get-update etc., on the 386 version of Raspbian, it doesn’t do anything. Next time you boot, you will be back to square one.

Pixel does not have desktop composition which means items on the screen can tear if you drag them. Avoid dragging windows to prevent a mess appearing on your screen.