Apple II to 68k Mac disk transfer

Apple II to 68k Mac disk transfer instructions

1. Equipment needed

a) Beige Mac 68k or PPC

b) Apple IIc with 5.25 drive

c) Connecting lead made up as shown below.

2. Software:

a) On the Mac: “MacADT 1.20a1”

b) On the Apple IIc “ADT” (on a 5.25 inch floppy disk)

3. Method

a) On the Apple IIc


b) Set disk slot 6

c) set drive 2 for modem port

d) set SSC Slot 2

e) set SSC speed to 9600 (4800 if using an old Mac Classic)

f) You can now choose either to send or receive disk images.

4. Sending a disk image to the Apple IIc

On the Apple IIc, where it says “File to receive”, enter the exact file name of your disk image to be transferred. The image file needs to be in the same folder as the ADT application on the 68k Mac.

5. Transferring disk images to a PPC Mac.

a) On the 68k Mac, drag the resulting disk image file to a floppy disk. Put the disk in an external floppy drive attached to your iMac or whatever machine you are using.

6. Dealing with disk images.

On the 68k Mac use “A233Utility 1.0.0.” to extract DOS3.3 files from your disk image. The images may be loaded directly into A233Utility after having been created by Mac ADT.