How to view the video output from another computer

Connect the composite video out from your old computer to the video input of your Dazzle DVC 100 etc.  (If this particular make of video capture converter is unavailable there are several alternative makes).  Then go to:

Example ‘Breakout game’ captured from Apple II.

breakoutgameWith a more modern computer you can use VNC viewer for Java.

The UNIX VNC Server listens for HTTP connections on port 5800+display number. So to view display 2 on machine ‘snoopy’, you would type the following URL


If Bonjour (avahi daemon) service is not installed on your machine, you need to enter the IP address instead which will be something such as:

For this to work you must have a Java enabled browser. To enable your Browser under Linux install Java Runtime Environment. Works with Firefox.


How to set up on the Raspberry Pi (Raspian Jessie version) is here: