Raspberry Pi Emulation Station

Like to re-live the days of your mis-spent youth playing with an Amiga A500?

Well now you can with a Raspberry Pi.

There is a program you can download for the R-Pi called “Emulation Station” which allows you to play classic A500 Amiga games on your R-Pi.

To get it you have to download and extract a disk image file and write it to an SD card. You then boot your R-Pi with this and that starts Emulation Station.

When you first start Emulation Station, there are no Emulators installed, so it doesn’t do anything.

For a given emulator to work, a ROM file for it must be installed. However some of the emulators have built-in ROMs. You can get them to work by putting a dummy ROM file in the relevant folder. This works for Linapple.

The Amiga emulator has to be installed separately or it won’t show up in Emulation Station.

Emulation Station is built upon Raspian Jessie. You can add Emulation to an existing Raspian install if you like, but this process takes a long time – it is quicker to use the pre-built disk image.

If you are still running Raspian Wheezy you cannot install Emulation Station.


If you don’t get on with emulation station there is an older program you can try: