Install OS Elementary Freya from a USB stick using Windows

Step One. Visit the OS Elementary Site and Download the ISO file.

If you experience difficulty, use Free Download Manager to download the ISO file. Enter “zero dollars” as the amount you wish to pay, right click and copy the URL. Launch Free Download Manager, and set it to download this ISO. It will do this automatically if the URL is in the Clipboard.

Now go to this web site and download Rufus.

Rufus will copy the installation files to a FAT32 formatted USB stick. You need at least a 2gig stick.

Set your machine to boot from the USB stick.

If all is well, OS Elementary will boot up from the USB stick instead of a DVD. Test it out to see that it is okay for your machine. if it is all right, run the installer.

If things go wrong, and you are unable to boot your machine, then use Partition Wizard to rebuid the MBR. Follow the procedure above to put Partition Wizard on a USB stick. Partition wizard is a Linux program which has to be booted on a Windows machine.

Easus Partition Master is a free Windows program which can create, merge and delete partitions, which you have created by mistake trying to install Linux distros.