How do I share a folder on Raspberry Pi?

This post tells you how to share your folders on your Raspberry Pi so they will appear as shared folders on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. 

Sudo apt-get install synaptic
sudo apt-get install nautilus
sudo apt-get install nautilus-share

Open a root terminal, Menu, (bottom left hand corner of screen) >> Accessories >>Root Terminal.)

and type


Share the folders as desired.

Nautilus has to be started by a root user to have permission to create a samba share.


Note that once you have installed Synaptic, you can use Synaptic to install Nautilus and the Nautilus Share Extension. The advantage of using Synaptic, is that it tells you whether or not a package is already installed. It also gives a description of the package, which means you can avoid installing the wrong package by mistake, which always is a risk with the command line method.