Turn your Raspberry Pi into an Apple II

Method One for Raspberry Pi 1:

Download Ready Made NOOBs disk (warning large ZIP file) and copy the files to your SD card. Note this download is not a Disk Image. When you boot this disk up, it will expand the partition and do everything for you. It installs Avahi Daemon and various utilities which saves you a lot of work. This Distro was made with Raspian Wheezy, so it is now out-of-date, but it will be better if you still have the original Raspberry Pi.

Method Two for later Raspberry Pi models

1. Get a new 8 GIG SD card (or erase an old one)

2. Download the latest NOOBS off Raspberry Pi’s web site.

3. Copy the files to the SD card.

4. Boot up the Pi

5. Use the raspi-config program to

a) turn on SSH,

b) set sound output to either HDMI or the sound output jack, depending on how your monitor is connected.

c) Enable boot to Desktop

d) Change the Host name and user password, as you like. Leave all the other things alone.

6. Reboot

a)  set WiFi to your Router and enter your password, if you are not using ethernet.

5. In the Terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Reboot the Pi.

6. In the terminal

wget appleii.ivanx.com/a2cloud/setup; source setup

Hot tip: view this web page on the PI, select line above, click the middle mouse button, open a terminal window, and click the middle mouse button to paste it in.

It will take about an hour to load, depending on how good your Internet connection is.

7. In the terminal type:


Answer” y “to all questions.

8. In the terminal type


If you get “segmentation fault”, This is a known bug.  It is due to a library not being installed. Fix this later.

9. In the terminal type


for a list of commands.

Connect your Apple II to the Raspberry Pi via a USB to serial adaptor (costs £2 from China, see Amazon).

Connect this up, and type:


You will see.

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 067b:2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port

Copy and paste the following line to Amazon, to get your £2 adapter.

USB To RS232 Serial Db9 Adapter Female Screw For Win7 Window7 64 PL2303

There are more expensive adapters. This one is the cheapest. It has drivers for Mac OS X and Windows on a little disk. Put this disk in your laptop and copy the files to a USB stick. The drivers for Linux don’t work on the Raspberry Pi, but you don’t need them anyway.


If all has gone well, when you log in you will see:

Welcome to Raspple II!
A2CLOUD : virtual hard disk and internet access for any Apple II
A2SERVER: network file storage and network boot for Apple IIgs and IIe
Apple II Pi: use your Apple II keyboard/mouse/joystick/drive/CPU with your Pi

Instructions and help:
A2CLOUD & A2SERVER: http://appleii.ivanx.com
Apple II Pi: http://schmenk.is-a-geek.com/wordpress
Type 'a2cloud-help' or 'a2server-help' to see A2CLOUD and A2SERVER commands.

Type 'raspi-config' to configure your Pi, or 'startx' for the Raspbian desktop.
Type 'system-shutdown' to turn off your Raspberry Pi.

Type 'lynx' or 'links' to browse the web and 'cftp' to log into FTP sites.
Type 'a2chat' or 'a2news' to talk about Apple II stuff with others.
Type 'ttytter' to tweet. Type 'term color' for a color terminal on a IIgs.

Type 'gsport' or 'kegs' to use the GSport or KEGS Apple IIgs emulators.
Type 'linapple' to use the LinApple Apple IIe emulator.
Last login: Wed Aug 30 11:59:08 2017


Have fun.