Berryboot for Raspberry Pi

Berryboot — Boot menu / OS installer for Raspberry Pi

Did you know you can speed up your Raspberry Pi by keeping the root partition on a USB stick instead of the SD card?

There is an easy way of doing this using the Berryboot utility. Download the ZIP file and extract it onto a spare SD card (not the one you are currently using the boot the Pi). Then boot the Pi from this SD card, with a spare USB stick attached to the Pi. The program will give you the option of installing Raspian to the SD card or the USB stick.


1. Be careful what USB stick you use. You want a 4gig one with a fast access time. You can test all your USB sticks for speed using a free Utility. Google “USB Flash Drive Tester”. Some USB sticks are MUCH faster than others. Be sure not to get a slow one.

2. Raspian has been tested with an SD card, but not with every make of USB stick. You may get reliability issues booting off a USB stick – if it is not a good USB flash drive – but if your flash drive is okay, then you are laughing!


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