Computer Software

Control your model railway from your android device

1. Obtain a Samsung Galaxy tab 2
2. Go to the “Play Store” on your android device
3. Download “Engine Driver”
4. Connect your laptop to your DCC System, in our case a Sprog II.
5. Start JMRI on your laptop.
6. Open a throttle.
7. From the file menu, go down to “Start WiThrottle”
8. Start Engine Driver on your Android device, in our case a

Samsung Galaxy Tab2.
9. Wait a couple of minutes
10. Choose e.g. “My JMRI Railroad”.
11. Choose the train you want to control from the list displayed.
12. You can only choose a loco that has a throttle opened for it on

your laptop.
13. To change loco’s close the throttle and open another one for

the train you want.
14. You can only have one throttle open at a time using Sprog.


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