Turn your old laptop into an Android tablet for FREE.

If you own a laptop computer with a similar specification to an Asus laptop – it needs to have an Intel processor – then you can get Android on it for nothing.

Go to the link at the bottom of this post and select the download page. Choose the version which says:

Android-x86 2.2-r2 live & installation iso for ASUS laptops/tablets 

Download the iso image as indicated, and burn it onto a real CD. The procedure for doing this will vary depending on your laptop. Fire up your CD burning software, such as NTI Media Maker – find it in your windows menu – choose “disk image reader” and select the “iso”. Make the CD.

Plug a USB stick into your laptop. It needs to be one that has “Readyboost” capability. If Readyboost does not work, then it will be too slow or won’t work at all.  Try any usb stick and find one which works. It needs to be at least 2Gig.

Set your laptop to boot from the CD, if this is not your normal setting.

Reboot and try the Android Distro,in Live CD mode and see if it works on your laptop. You’ll soon find out if it is no good!

The Distro asks you for your WiFi password. Type it in and log into your Gmail account. You are asked to enter a credit card number. Click SKIP – it is only pretend you know!

If it all works, re-boot the live CD and run the installer and select the USB stick you want to use. This will be “STB1” if you have unplugged any other USB sticks you don’t want to mess up by mistake. 

After you have installed Android on the USB stick, reboot the machine, and set USB HD as the boot device. (It will have been set to boot from the CD, to run the live Android distro, so remember to change it during “POST” (The initial boot screen where it says eg “press F2 to change boot options”), or you will go round in a circle back into the live CD again! Aaaarrhh.  

The 4.0-RC2 release is based on the Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) so it is up-to-date with the latest tablets. What fun! Expect the odd bug, like sometimes not being able to log into facebook. Well how much did you pay for it?

The download link is here:


Click it, what are you waiting for?