Uploading to flip videos to YouTube takes a long time

I have been having fun with a Flip camera and uploading to YouTube. I have been inspired by a couple of Youtubers – one is called “AY76”, and the other is called “Infinitely Galactic”. AY76 uploads videos about the progress of a OO gauge model train layout he is constructing in the roof space. He also features videos of real trains and model railway shows. “Infinitely Galactic” is an Australian student who always uploads a review of the latest Linux distro. Which of these two characters is the more boring and the most sad, I leave you to decide.

Anyway, the flip camera is fine, except that the flipshare software you get with it is a nuisance. The main problem is that the flip generates video files in a format MPEG3 which other programs do not normally use. You do not have the correct codecs for the format the flip uses unless you have the flipshare software installed on your computer.

However, with flipshare installed, you can export videos and load them into Windows Live Movie Maker. But that’s the end of the good news – the videos always come out more jerky and are of poorer quality than when they are made with flip share.

The flip share program allows you assemble a complete video from the clips you have taken, but it does not allow you to add a commentary. For this, you need some other software, such as Movie Maker, but that’s where you get the loss of quality. The flip is an High Definition device, and it offers amazing quality for a device so small, but you cannot transfer this quality to another program. The reason being, I presume is that the flip produces very large files which these programs cannot handle.  Just in case you are thinking of getting a flip camera off Amazon…If it’s cheap there’s a reason…