File sharing and Sprog II

If you are using a Sprog II to control your model railway layout, you might like know how you can share information between Macintosh, windows and Linux. This will allow you to use one computer to control the layout, and the other to operate signals, a web cam etc.

Connect the machines either to a router, or directly using an RJ45 Ethernet lead. If your computers have wireless, you can use this instead.

On the Ubuntu side of things you need to install:
You can use Synaptic to install these.
and than install.
Samba system-config-samba.
The latter can be installed Ubuntu Software Center.

When you have installed Samba config, find it by going down the menu to System –>Samba.

Use this program to chose a folder to share. You can share your Home folder if you like, this makes things easy.

On Ubuntu from the Internet Connection panel on the menu bar, go down to “Connection Information”. Find the entry which says “IPv4”. Where it says “IP address”, there are four numbers separated by full stops (periods). This will look like  “123.456.78.9”, but the numbers will be different.

On the Mac, from the Finder Menu, choose “Go” and then go down to “Connect to server”. In this field enter:
afp:.//123.456.78.9, changing these values to the numbers given by your Linux machine in the “Connection information” .

On the Windows machine, create an account for yourself.  Call it e.g. “HornbyDublo” or whatever you like. This account must have a password. Make it simple, such as “X” or “123”.  Choose the folder you wish to share. Right-click on it and choose “share”.

In Mac OS X, open finder, click on go, then click on connect to server, then type in “smb://123.456.78.9” without the quotation marks, changing these numbers to the IP address of your Windows machine.

If you cannot connect to your Windows machine from Mac OS, you need to change the value of a registry key called “LmCompatibilityLevel” This registry key is normally set to “3” (three), you need to change it to “1” (one).

1.. Click Windows Visa Start Orb
2. In search box, type “regedit” and return
3. Right click and “Run as administrator”

Once regedit opens, click File -> export to make a backup copy
4. Navigate to Computer –>HKEY LOCAL MACHINE–> SYSTEM–>CurrentControlSet–>Control –> Lsa.

5. In the right pane, right-click the “LmCompatibilityLevel” key and select “modify”
6. Change the value from 3 to 1
7. Exit regedit and you should now be able to properly authenticate to your Mac OS X (or other Samba) share.

Here is the registry key you have to change.

Here is the registry key you have to change.

The advantage of turning on filesharing with Ubuntu, Samba, and Netatalk, is that your folders will appear as a mounted volume on your Macintosh.

You can then use the JMRI web server etc and control your layout wirelessly from an Android device, etc. Have fun.