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Definitely Affordable Vision Device

Before starting to spend money, do you think about spending as little money as possible to begin with? That’s where “DAVID” comes in.

Who is DAVID?

It is not me or my brother!

It refers to “Definitely Affordable VIsion Device”. It allows you to do three-dimensional laser scanning on the cheap – and I mean  cheap!

To get started you need:

A laser level from a DIY shop.
A tripod.
A web cam
A cardboard box

There is a youtube video which shows you how.


When you have watched this video, download the trial version of DAVID at:

Set up your apparatus as indicated in the video.


The trial version of DAVID3  allows you to fuse scans into a three dimensional object by scanning the front, back, and the sides of an object, but it does not allow you to save the fused result.

You can get around this by using the freeware program “Meshlab”. There is a youtube video on this subject as well.

Another freeware program useful in this context is Netfabb.


The bloke on this web page says “Nostalgia. Boredom. Narcissism. These are all excellent reasons to make an action figure of yourself”.   This tutorial is interesting in that it shows you how to use the freeware programs Netfabb and Meshlab.




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