Procedure to install Xubuntu 12.04 on a USB flash drive

Requirements: a desktop or laptop computer with a built-in CD burner, and a 4 or 6gig USB flash drive, a blank CD-R.


1.Goto Xubuntu’s web site and download the iso image of “Xubuntu 12.04.1 alternate install”.

2. Burn this image onto a real CD.

3. Set your machine to boot from the CD.

4. Insert USB flash drive into your machine.

5. Run the installer. Choose “Use Entire Disk”, but…

6. MAKE SURE you choose the USB DRIVE and NOT your machine’s internal hard drive the one with Windows on it!

7. The USB drive is commonly called “sdb” and the partition you are installing “sdb1”, and the internal drive is “sda1”. If is is “sda” then it is the hard drive, cancel the installation and go back. 

8. IF IN DOUBT, do not proceed with the installation. 

9. If your USB stick has an indicator light, it will flash during the installation. This is normal. If your hard drive light is flashing and not the USB stick, then you are in trouble….

The ISO is here:

This iso is for 32 bit, most machines, if you need something else go through the main page at Xubuntu.




This ISO needs at least 2gig of drive space. 4gig recommended. 8 gig even better.

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