Do you want to create your own Railway Stations and signal boxes for use in Railworks using Freeware tools?

Then you need

Blender, Python, and Bigex.

What is “Bigex”?

Bigex is a Python script which is activated from Blender, from the file, export menu.

Bigex runs under

either Blender 2.48 and Python 2.5

or Blender 2.49 and Python 2.6

Tip: on Windows, you can have both versions of Blender, and both versions of Python on the same machine, but you need give one of the “Blender Foundation”  folders different name e.g. “Blender Foundation Old Version”

To have the old version of Python on the same machine, you need to set an environment variable setting a path to the old version of Python.

Set-up a Python Path

I have found the older version of Blender not to be compatible with Vista. However, on Linux, this is a consideration which does not apply.

The Linux version of Blender is slightly better in that Linux gives you more control over the size of menus and the appearance of the screen. On Windows, some items appear too small to read on a laptop. This consideration would not apply if you are using a Desktop and a large screen.

Where do you get Bigex?

It is available from UK train sim.