How do I convert a Video?

Do you find videos you’ve created on another device won’t work when you transfer them to you Windows machine?

There’s an easy answer:


A Handy Audio/Video Converter for Ubuntu

Not got Ubuntu Yet?  You don’t know what you are missing!   This stuff’s  all free.  Follow the procedure for installing it either on Virtual Box, or on WUBI, then follow the method below.

The procedure for installing Winff is Accessories>Terminal:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paul-climbing/ppa
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install winff

In the winff program under “convert to” select WMV, and it couldn’t be easier.
Original post is here:

A Handy Audio/Video Converter for Ubuntu

Works for 10.10, 11.10. Tried it.