If you would like an interesting and ultimately timewasting evening, then TopologiLinux is for you.

What is “Topologilinux”?

Ah, well, it is a Slackware Distro, which you install as a Windows application. It is similar to Portable Ubuntu Remix, except that it doesn’t work.

The procedure for installing is very entertaining, and I am sure you’ll enjoy it. It only when you boot up for the first time that things start to go down hill.

Verdict: An interesting Distro which has absolutely everything included bar the kitchen sink. There’s KDE and GNOME desktops and a bunch of other stuff. All sorts of compilers and junk that you’d never need. It is just there to gobble up disk space. Why would you want all that stuff accessible from Windows? Portable Ubuntu Remix does this job, much better.

Need I say more?

Well there is a bit more to say. The thing that is interesting about this distro, is that it can be booted as a full Linux boot as WUBI Ubuntu does, or it can boot from within Windows as Portable Ubuntu Remix does.

The drawback with Portable Ubuntu is that any application you start can only appear inside a Windows Pane. With Topologilinux, a view of the Linux desktop appears in the Windows Pane, and the application appears on a Window within the Linux environment. This approach allows programs which would not work on Ubuntu Remix to be used. However, being Slackware-based, you can’t use Deb packages directly – you have to install them manually, which is not really serving any purpose when Ubuntu will do the job for you with the Software Center.

When you boot Topologilinux directly, it does seem quite quick, but it quickly bombs on you. I got into an awful mess the the wrong screen resolution, and the sound card wasn’t recognized. I never had any of this with Ubuntu.

Stay with Ubuntu, live long and prosper…