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Archlinux on VirtualBox

I am now testing ArchLinux on virtual box. A guy called “infitelygalactic” has a youtube video which extolls the virtues of Archlinux:

An easy way to try out the distro, is on Virtualbox. If you do it this way, someone else has already done all the installing for you. All you have to do is download the pre-made VDI. In VirtualBox, click new, and select the VDI you downloaded. Pre-made ArchLInuxes for Virtualbox are here:



One thought on “Archlinux on VirtualBox

  1. I have heard that commenting on your own blog is bad luck, but I would just like to say I have now installed and uninstalled ArchLinux. It is tarred with the same brush as TopologiLinux – does not work properly out of the box.

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