Virtualbox or Wubi?

Which is better to use, Virtualbox or WUBI?

The advantage of Virtualbox is that it does not mess up the boot block of your machine. The drawback is that there is a speed and graphics limitation.

WUBI gives you almost a foolproof alternative to messing up your hard disk, but it has the drawback or requiring you to restart your machine to get into the Linux environment. WUBI makes an entry in your bootloader which chains to the neferious “GRUB” – GRand Unified Bootloader.

GRUB is a bit of a nuisance in a WUBI install, since you have a 10 second delay at the MBR boot, Windows or Linux, then another 10 second delay before the default GRUB choice.

So which is better? Virtualbox or WUBI?

The answer is: WUBI is better on a laptop, and Virtualbox is better on a Desktop machine which has more memory and larger hard drives.