Communtu Edition on a Vista Laptop

Ubuntu User issue 10 has a Coverdisk with Ubuntu 11.04 Communtu Edition on it.

All the other distros I have tried have bombed out in some way or another. This one seems okay.

On page 80 of issue 10, you have a box marked “Reanimation”, which involves typing a series of commands into the Terminal to get Ubuntu to boot up. But there is an easier way,

Use the Windows program “EasyBCD 2.1″to create an additional entry in the Windows boot loader. Choose “Add New Entry” (the third option down), choose the “Linux/BSD” tab, and select “GRUB2″. The entry will say “Neosmart Linux”, and that’s all there is to it.

The procedure I followed was:

1. Download EASEUS Partition Master 6.5.1 Home Edition.
2. Make the “C” partition larger, and make the “D” partition smaller. (The Ubuntu installer steals space from your “C” drive, so make it bigger by the amount you intend to give to Ubuntu. I made it 12Gig, which seems to be enough).
3. Apply these changes and re-start the machine, to make sure all is well.
4. Create a “Restore point” manually for the “C” and “D” drives (The re-size may wipe out any previous restore points).
5. Restart the machine with the Ubuntu 11.04 live CD in the drive with the machine set to boot from the CD.
6. Choose “Try Ubuntu”
7. Connect up to the Internet, either Ethernet or Wireless.
8. Run the installer, and set it to download third-party updates etc – this deals with the caveat in the blue box on page 4 of issue 10.
10. When the installer is finished, Restart and allow the laptop to boot back into Windows.
11. Windows may say a second restart is necessary, in which case Restart again.
12. Use EasyBCD2.1 to create the bool loader entry as described above.
13. Restart the machine, select “Neosmart Linux”, and you are away with your Communtu Edition of Ubuntu!

Have fun.