Installing Fedora 14

I have now given up on Kubuntu 11.01 – too buggy. The WUBI installed version did funny things. It seemed good at first, but it was a siren…

I have now installed Fedora 14, and I am going to see how I get along with that.

Warning: The Fedora installer allows you to overwrite your Windows partition, if you are not careful. I followed the following procedure:

I used “EASEUS Partition Master 6.5.1” to resize the “Data” partition, and make it into an “Unallocated Partition”. Then I rebooted the machine using “Partition Wizard Home Edition” Windows bootable CD, and I created a Linux EXT3 and a Linux “Swap” partition in the unallocated space. This trick worked, and fooled the Fedora installer into thinking it was re-installing onto an existing Linux installation.

When I rebooted, I found it dropped me straight into Fedora with no GRUB option to choose which operating system. But…Never Fear Smith is HERE!!

What do you do in this situation? Easy, boot up again with “Partition Wizard” and choose “Rebuild MBR” and click on “Apply”.

Re-booted the machine, and Windows Vista came back, alive and well.

Note that “Partition Wizard” and “Partition Master” are freeware.  Partition Master is a Windows program which can operate on partitions which are not your boot volume. That’s where Partition Wizard comes in.

These tools are useful if you have run out of space on your “C” drive, and you need to expand it to make more room. This takes space away from the “D” drive, but you don’t really need all that much space on the “D” drive anyway.

I have now got approximately 60gig for “C”. 4 gig for “D”and 10 gig for Linux.  I did consider installing a larger capacity drive, but why bother?  Who wants to patronize PCWorld these days? Just move the partition along, and hey presto you’ve got more space!

Fedora does not appear to have that fuzzy fonts problem previously alluded to under Kubuntu.