Kubuntu re-install

Having got a a completely messed up Linux partition, I decided to re-install Kubuntu. This installer gives you the option of either erasing the whole hard drive or installing Kubuntu alongside your existing Windows partition.

After the installation, you find that the “GRUB” loader makes the machine boot up in Linux by default. On the Ubuntu discussion forums it tells you to use terminal commands to change this, but in the latest version of Ubuntu, this is not necessary – you can use:


The StartUp-Manager allows you to update the GRUB menu options with a few mouse clicks.
You access the StartUp-Manager  via System > Administration > StartUp-Manager. If it is not in your menu, install it via synaptic ( System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. StartUp-Manager is in the ‘universe’ repository. If you don’t see ‘startupmanager’ listed in synaptic or the command line method doesn’t find it, go to Synaptic’s Settings > Repositories > Ubuntu Software and make sure the (universe) repository is checked.  Click the ‘Reload’ button to refresh the package list and then select startupmanager or install it with:

sudo aptitude install startupmanager

Hope this helps!