Amiga Emulators for Windows


The Universal Amiga Emulator for Windows is more unstable than the E-UAE Linux version, in my opinion: If you have got a machine running Linux, then you are better off using that. The Windows version is very likely to freeze you up, particularly more so if you are running Vista or Windows 7.

However, if you can get it working, it does emulate a high-end Amiga.

To get it working you need to get an Amiga Kickstart ROM image and the relevant Workbench Environment an applications. You cannot obtain these free of charge very easily. If you have a real Amiga, then it is much easier. If you have got an old A500 languishing away in the Wardrobe, then get it out.  If the disk drive is full of dust and crud, and none of your disks will work, then you have got the job of taking the machine apart and cleaning it out with some cotton buds.

Transferring your Workbench disk to your Windows PC is easy. There is a package you can download called “Amikit” which includes the necessary program.

Amikit does not include everything you need to emulate a high-end Amiga. For that, you have to buy  “Amiga Forever” on a CD. If you have not got the Amiga Forever CD”, then the Emulation boots up, but you can’t install anything. You can however, emulate an A500, or perhaps an A1200, if you have the Workbench disks for that machine.