Amiga Emulators for those who have a real Amiga A500

If you have a real Amiga gathering dust in the loft, you can give it a new lease of life by using it in conjunction with an Amiga Emulator on your Window or Linux machine.

An A500 is the machine which is most compatible with all the games and software which has been written. The main problem with the A500 is that it doesn’t have enough memory, and that’s where the emulator comes in.

The advantage of the A500 is that it can easily be connected to any television set, unlike a Windows PC or a Mac.


I you have a modern LCD TV with an analogue SCART input, you can connect the Amiga directly using a special SCART lead. This SCART lead needs three resistors in the circuit.  You need a 330 ohm resistor between pin 10 on the Amiga video connector and pin 20 on the SCART connector, a 1k ohm between pin 22 and pin 8, and a 75ohm resistor between pin 23 and pin 16.  These components cost under a £1 from Maplins, the next time you are in there.