Amiga Emulators for Linux


E-UAE is the name of the version of Universal Amiga Emulator which works under Linux. The current version is E-UAE 0.8.29, which is available for installation using the “Synaptic” installation manager.

The instructions which are available for using this package are rather confusing. First of all, there are four versions of this program! There is UAE for Windows, UAE for Mac, UAE for Linux and E-UAE.

E-UAE for Linux can only emulate an Amiga A500. There are facilities in the program allow you to set it to use a 68020 processor, and use a 3.1 Kickstart ROM, but you cannot boot it up as an A1200.  If you try to do so, the screen turns blue and you cannot rectify this. Emulating an A500 works however. In the Synaptic Package Manager, “E-UAE” is known vicariously as “The Egalitarian Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator. Perhaps this is why?

UAE for Linux

In the Synaptic Package Manager you will see “UAE”,current version 0.8.29-7.  This is unstable in my estimation, and you are better off with “Egalitarian” A500 version!!