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Graphtec Craft Robo CC330-20 with Ubuntu

Using the Craft Robo from Ubuntu 10.10.


Instructions on how to install GraphtecPrint for the Craft Robo are given here:

Having installed Graphtecprint as per these instructions, you need to install Inkscape.

If you are on KDE, you can use the “Adept” installer program to do this.

If you have not got Adept on your System, you can use Synaptic to get it. Does only work for Kubuntu.

I have so far managed to make the craft robo cut out a square.

The procedure is

Start Inkscape,  draw a square, go to Print, select Postscript for output, and click on print.

This creates a file called in your documents folder.

Start a Konsole (BASH) and CD to the documents folder.


$ cd Documents

$ graphtecprint <

This will start the Graphtecprint program, and cut the square.


5 thoughts on “Graphtec Craft Robo CC330-20 with Ubuntu

  1. Robocut is available for Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04 etc.

    To get it:

    Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
    Install robocut deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install robocut
    If you are using an older vesion of Ubuntu, this will not work, in which case, type the following line into your terminal:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robocut/robocut

    Then proceed as above.

  2. Hi
    I’ve just got a Graphtec C220-20. I don’t have windows at all so have never seen the official software running. I have managed to get graphtecprint working as you have, and have produced some designs with Inkscape. All good so far.
    I would like to use registration marks so that I can print on the page, then cut it out and have them both lined up together. Do you know if this is possible using Inkspace, graphtecprint and a C220-20?
    Where should the registration marks should be printed, and how do I tell the C220, or graphtecprint, to go look for them?
    Have you managed to do this yet?

    1. In the Windows version, you start Robo Master, create the design you want, and choose “registration mark setting” which is an Icon on the task bar below the menu bar. A window appears with a check box. If you click this check box, which says “use registration marks”, three registration marks, numbered 1,2,3 appear. Number 1 is at the bottom left, number 2 is at the bottom right, and number three is at the top left. These marks consist of a large black “L” at each of these corners.

      With these registration marks on the paper, the Craft Robo can move the cutter head to where your design is printed. However, it only works with paper and card which is perfectly white. If you use any kind of coloured paper or card, or card with a rough surface, or any pattern on it, then it doesn’t work.

      So the answer is, not being able to print the registration marks is not a serious limitation! You can move the cutter head to where the registration mark is by the arrow keys on the Craft Robo. If you cannot print a registration mark automatically, it does not matter much. Just put an “L” at the top left, in a large sans serif font, so it is about 1/2″ inch in size. You have to rotate the box with the “L” in it so it goes round the corner.

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