Windows Vista Blog

Windows Media Center does not work.

Resolution: re-install Windows Vista from scratch.

Why is this necessary?

Windows Vista has security on it which prevents you from removing “dll” files which have messed it up.

Method: use the manufacturers “reset to factory settings ” disk and then use Windows update.

a) If your machine did not come with Windows Vista Service Pack 1, you can download this off Microsoft’s web site, burn it to a CD and install it that way, which saves some time.

b) You can use “Gizmo” to burn the CD, if you have no other program for converting the “iso” to a real disk.

c) One you have reset your machine to its “factory settings”, you use “Backup and Restore” in control panel, to create a “Restore point” for your “C” drive. If you have a “D” drive as a second partition, you should create a restore point for this at the same time.

d) Some installers created for use with Windows XP etc., place “dll” files on your Vista “C” drive which mess up Media Center and prevent it from working. So, always make sure you have a “restore” point you can go back to!


Operating Systems such as Windows Vista and Linux are modelled on the UNIX operating system. This uses the idea of a “root” which ordinary users do not have access to.  Although you can gain access to to the “root”, it is more trouble than it is worth, so that’s where the “re-install” is the easiest way…